Fall Scents

Imagine Incense is a family owned and operated business based in an island community in the Pacific Northwest.

We manufacture exceptional essential & natural oil products and currently offer high-quality Imagine Incense and Fragrance Oils (for bath, body, and burners).

For a while now we’ve been your favorite incense at book stores, co-ops, gift shops, general stores, glass shops, hardware stores, markets, smoke shops and stores that don’t have a specific label – now we’re your favorite incense on the web!*

We mainly sell wholesale and prices will always be lower at your local store – They also wont charge you shipping! Shop Local!

If you’d like to purchase our products at a local store that doesn’t currently stock them – ask the store to look into carrying them! if you are a business interested in carrying our products please visit www.blackcreekdragons.com.